Welcome to Rocky Point Volleyball

Rocky Point VolleyballPuerto Penasco’s premier beach volleyball tournament, started in 1991. With the experience to grant you, the volleyball player, THE best beach volleyball event, we focus on a smooth running, competitive, fun and well prized tournament. We offer 4 divisions of play level to choose from.

Open division is for the elite players whose skills are top notch, with clean hand setting, fast defense and hard hitting and accurate attacks. These players are competing for big bucks, with $1000 for first place if their division has 10 or more teams.

A division is for the competitive players with good skills. Clean hand sets and accurate pass sets, good defense and improving accuracy with hard attacks. This division is playing for a $600 first prize.

B division is for those intermediate or better who are attempting clean hand sets, but pass set well and cover well defensively. Their attacks are more placed with accuracy, but are improving on hard hitting. This division is playing for a $480 first prize.

C division is for players who know the rules and are working on improving all aspects of the game. Pass setting is normal. Defense and attacks are improving, while these players are having fun. This division is playing for a $320 prize.

Join RockyPointVolleyball.com at Playa Bonita Resort on a wide, flatter section of Sandy Beach that will have a beach taco and beer bar set up for the players. We provide the best, most competitive, tournament for you so you can share the fun with your friends and party the way YOU want to!

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